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First Day

My first day of volunteering at the Cross Street Church today was great fun, I spent the session with the beginners. We started with little wooden models of famous London landmarks, spread across the table top. Most of the group were very quick to recognise the London Eye and name it, some of the other buildings took a bit of prompting - Big Ben went through a few names, "Big Mac" being one of my favourites.

We moved onto a game of monopoly, of which the entire group were newbies. After handing out the cash, we each tallied up to check we had the correct amount - and chose our coloured cars. A few rolls and we had our first taxation, which took a little bit of explaining as to why they couldn't buy the space which they landed on. It was noted that it was quite strange that the bank seemed to be taking all of our money - then again, not so far away from life! The young man in the group had a fascinating rolling method which continually landed him 6's, I tried to copy - but it didn't work too well! We carried on playing and someone new turned up to the group, so I gave up my place and forfeited my cash, but the man who took over my place seemed to be a monopoly expert(he asked where the cup for the dice was before he even sat down). Despite this, the game ended and our dream team came out on bottom.

We finished off the session with a worksheet on a common road scene, and I helped the monopoly expert with naming the different things on the page. His spoken English was really good, as well as his knowledge of the items - so we finished quickly. We then clarified pronunciations for the words, and I found it really interesting when he phonetically spelled out the words he was unsure of, "Kerb" written as ["k-eub-e"] and so on. I'm glad my first session went so well, I can't wait to come back!

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