December 12, 2017

Feedback method:

Dil officers or Life Skills trainer films the Life Skills sessions. A team of CAP consultants watch the footage, collate feedback and upload to the training blog. We also Skype with Life skills trainers for one one one feedback and debrief. 

Feedback of Orangi school that has worked through eight weeks of Life Skills sessions and implemented a community action plan. 

Primary message: Impact of Eve Teasing on girls and their education

Secondary message: equality of genders

Topic: Eve Teasing is defined as any act that intimidates a girl or a woman as she makes her way...

October 18, 2017

"You burn body of man in Guy Fawkes fire."

"You lie."

These aren't accusations, although you could perceive them as such. But they aren't the kind of statements I was prepared to hear as we sat down to English language practice.

I was seated between Emmanuel from Congo, Ronin from Sri Lanka, Angel from Congo and another lady (who will go unnamed) as we begin our discussion on UK festivals, ways to participate in our communities and how to enjoy the city of London by attending free events arranged by community clubs, and public interest groups.

“We have same festivals in my country,

we know New...

October 18, 2017

We are at the Kindness Initiative in Kings Cross and I am seated between four individuals two young Congolese girls, an elderly Syrian gentleman and a Kurdish man, perhaps thirty years old.

Using a worksheet an English teacher handed us called ‘Leisure activities in the UK’ we discuss football, sky diving, deep sea diving and golfing and paintballing. The worksheet is covered in comics that visually articulate the concept.

The questions are: what excites you? what bores you? what frightens you?

The responses threw me off slightly. The Syrian refugee stabs the comic illustrating a man shooting pai...

October 18, 2017

"I only speaking Tamil, only I speak English here. But I want to try," he reassures me.

We are using a worksheet that looks like a game and we need to move through a spiral like maze to ask each other what we enjoy, or, as the title says, what our favourite movies, music, hobbies, passions, etc are. A simple enough exercise, but the answers it unearths leave me disheartened.

The story of his journey inwards, his path to isolation starts to unfold.

He listens to Tamil music, watches Tamil films hosted by a cultural club and the only people who are kind to him are some Tamils who own a grocery...

October 18, 2017

An attack by evil spirits is not something we had been prepared to discuss on a sunny fall afternoon, but there it was.

We had been strolling through the European Jewellery gallery at the Victoria and Albert Museum with our refugee student crew, when Rebecca (from Congo) said: “I like jewellery but I don’t wear it, you don’t know what spirit is inside, many witch they make the spirit inside the jewellery then who wears it can die, so I don’t wear this. The spirit will come.”

Rebecca, who had been in the UK about three months, became increasingly animated, her eyes flitting from one piece to anot...

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