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You are an Asylum Seeker if you have fled their home country because of war or other factors harming them or their family, enters another country, and applies for asylum, that is, international protection, in this other country. We also work with individuals trafficked to this country when they seek asylum. Other clients include those who are "invisible" members of society, living on the fringes, exploited, and wanting to apply for asylum but afraid of authorities. We use charity "Right to Remain"'s tools to help navigate the bureaucratic maze to help all individuals access their rights with dignity.

  • Asylum seekers 

  • Refugees

  • The homeless 

  • Survivors of HBA (Honour based abuse)

  • DV (domestic violence)

  • Vulnerable women 

  • Runaways (LGBTQI+)


Let us know what you need


Playful workshops aimed at lightness and laughter though expressing your creativity.


Life skills workshops normalising taboos in an open, understanding and safe space.


Career advice workshops, tailored to your needs.


Talk to us about workshops that will unlock your potential, using adventure, curiosity, knowledge and imagination!


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